Wellzesta hires international female full-stack developer

Posted by Kyle Robinson, MA on August 26, 2021
new female full stack developer at Wellzesta


Wellzesta is delighted to welcome our new Full-Stack Developer, Paula Álvarez Barrantes, to the team. Álvarez, an accomplished developer from Latam will offer a fresh perspective and expertise to our company.

Growing up in the small town of Grecia, Costa Rica, Alvarez began her coding journey in high school, where she developed the webpage for her school. Amazed by all of the possibilities coding provided, she decided to pursue it. “I chose the perfect career for me,” she said.

For Álvarez, entering the STEM industry posed some difficulties, but she believed that while it was tough for women to pursue technological fields, it was not impossible. With her professor at the Universidad de Costa Rica encouraging her and female classmates to continue on their path, she achieved her goal and received her Master’s Degree.

Álvarez says she wishes more women and girls became involved in STEM because she believes that they are capable of successfully doing so. She said women do everything they can to achieve their goals and are “strong enough, intelligent enough, responsible enough” to become outstanding engineers and write innovative code.

Upon applying for Wellzesta, Álvarez was drawn to the company’s goal of making technology available and accessible to people of all ages, particularly older adults in their 60s and older. She was thrilled to be a part of a company that included that age range in their technology.

Álvarez hopes to give all she has to her mission of providing people full access to technology while alleviating their fear of using it. She looks forward to allowing people access to technology that will keep them healthy and benefit them. However, above all, Álvarez aspires to create “solid code” during her time at Wellzesta.

To learn more about Wellzesta or demo platforms, visit our website or connect with a member of our Engagement team.