Wellzesta Life Improves Communication and Enhances Wellbeing for Arbor Acres

Posted by Evangeline Wilds on February 20, 2020
Smiling seniors sit outside and look at a tablet.


As Director of Wellness Arts for Arbor Acres United Methodist Retirement Community in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Alice Smith knows the importance of whole-person wellbeing. 

“It’s been really important to focus on all dimensions of wellness,” said Alice. “Everyone has an area where they could improve and grow.” 

Alice Smith

Because of her commitment to wellness, Alice encourages the residents she serves to get involved in the community’s many activities - from beekeeping and croquet to whitewater rafting and singing with the choir, the Sharps and Flats. 

Alice uses the Wellzesta Life software to communicate with residents about these opportunities and all of the others Arbor Acres has to offer.

“Before partnering with Wellzesta, we didn’t have a great way of mass communicating,” said Alice, noting that Arbor Acres previously relied heavily on paper communication and emergency alerts. They also didn’t have a way of digitally recording resident attendance at events and were keeping track by hand on spreadsheets.

Ever since Wellzesta was introduced at Arbor Acres in the summer of 2018, Alice has seen remarkable changes in the ways the residents and staff communicate. The transformation was even noted in an article published by the Triad Business Journal, which shows the effect technology has had on the seniors at Arbor Acres.

“People are staying more up-to-date,” said Alice. “We now have a way to keep everyone aware of what’s going on around campus.” Alice mentioned the daily mailroom updates, event details, and community photos that are regularly posted to Wellzesta Life, including pictures of a staff member’s newborn baby, which the residents loved.

Wellzesta’s data capabilities also help the staff understand which residents are attending events, which classes are the most popular, and what wellness dimensions are in need of more attention at the community.

Arbor Acres is also using Wellzesta Life with their new Advantage at-home program to reach members who do not live on campus. Using technology to communicate with members in this program will allow the staff to build community and help the off-campus seniors feel included in the community’s vibrant lifestyle.

Overall, Alice feels that the greatest benefit Wellzesta brings to the campus is better connection - from the “Cares and Concerns” messages posted to the app to the monthly calendar view that allows residents to see all activities at a glance. With the software’s help, Alice is able to reach residents and members in real-time, while supporting their daily health and wellness.

If you're interested in learning more about how your community can use Wellzesta Life to expand in communication and wellness offerings, book a 30-minute demo.