Effective Change Management in Leading a Digital Transformation

Posted by Annie Keough on May 10, 2021

Digital transformation has no longer become an option for senior living communities- it is essential in remaining relevant.

Any company may benefit from solid change management skills in this age of constant change. When done incorrectly, poor change management strategies can spell disaster for businesses and innovation.

The best way to see results and implement lasting change through times of transition is to have a strong roadmap. So, what does your community need to do in order to lead an effective transformation? The Center of Creative Leadership suggests following the three C’s: Communicate, Collaborate, and Commit. These three skills have been shown to lead to successful change.

Management must be fully on board and committed to the transition for it to succeed. Employees, on the other hand, may not always be open to change because they believe it could result in increased responsibilities and possible job loss. This apprehension could derail the change process and reduce productivity. 

To avoid this, consider how you can include your workers in the change: ask them to submit suggestions about how to make things easier, create constant communication between you and your employees, include employees in decision-making, etc. Employees invested in the transition are more likely to be enthusiastic about the change rather than fearful.

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The last step to successful change: sustaining those changes. Do not slip back into your old ways. Organizations are seven times more likely to see success if they continue the same momentum they had in the beginning.


Wellzesta strives to use our multiple platforms to increase communication and ease your community in times of change or growth. Wellzesta’s platforms make it easy to undertake a digital transformation and offer guidance every step of the way.

Wellzesta’s Elevate software recognizes the importance of collaboration in the senior care industry and works to streamline communication among staff, teams and administration in real-time. Elevate also focuses on staff retention and the individual’s health and well-being.

To learn more about Wellzesta, visit our website or connect with a member of our Sales team.