What the Data-Driven Movement Means for the Senior Care Industry

Posted by Annie Keough on May 4, 2021

The days of paper-based operations in the senior living industry are over (or will only suffice as a back-up method). The COVID-19 pandemic has produced a number of unforeseen side effects, including emphasizing the importance of centralized data in senior care.

Benefits of Centralized Data

So what does the data-driven movement mean for the senior care industry? Centralized data means secure transference of health data, increased accuracy and efficiency in resident care, and improved resident satisfaction.

87% of physicians believe that having easily accessible health records is extremely important when caring for a patient. An EHR system not only allows for quick access to relevant health data but also ensures secure sharing of health information, unlike past techniques that made room for paper-based error.

Centralized data systems are also essential in smooth staff operations. Accessing all resident data at the touch of a button allows staff to organize their goals and tasks to function more efficiently. It also gives residents the peace of mind of being taken care of carefully and accurately.

According to the recent Ziegler LeadingAge National Senior Living CFO Workshop, technology adoption is a strategic move. “Nearly 200 individuals attended a breakout session on making smart technology investments and strategic technology adoption. Nearly 8 out of 10 attendees indicated that they increased their technology spending across the past year. The role of technology in the senior living & care ecosystem continues to elevate. Organizations need to strategically commit to making smart investments and align the goals of the organization with the technology tools and solutions available.”


Wellzesta’s Life and Elevate platforms centralize all data to make things easier for residents and staff. 

Using Elevate, staff can easily communicate via HIPAA-compliant chat, stay connected to what’s happening at their organization, and gain insights into their health & well-being.

Through Life, residents can set wellness goals and provide valuable feedback for the organization. Communities can count on high daily engagement and data that tells an important story about the present and future. 

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