Marilyn Carpenter

Marilyn Carpenter is the Owner of Saqred Energy Medicine and Wellness in Belmont, North Carolina. Saqred Energy is the Carolina’s destination for those seeking to accelerate our body’s natural ability to heal from dis-ease and illness, from chronic or injury-related pain, and from emotional challenges and trauma past or present with proven energy medicine and technologies. Additionally, we use a Quantum Computer – Health Guidance System to find the cause of our clients’ condition, and, identify best solutions for them, including access to a community of energy workers and natural remedy providers. Before Saqred Energy, Marilyn’s career spanned thirty-plus years as a Sales and Marketing Executive Leader for an entrepreneurial tech company in Charlotte, North Carolina, and, most recently, as a Digital Sales and Marketing Coach and Consultant serving entrepreneurial, tech organizations.

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The Science and Spirituality of Emotions in HealthCare

Posted by Marilyn Carpenter on April 7, 2020


For me, the whole notion of HealthCare has always meant the joining of science and spirituality, with health rooted in science and care connected to spirituality – our universal ‘oneness’ - guided by the golden rule – treat others as you would have them treat you. Love, kindness, joy, gentleness, patience, and goodness to name a few outward emotions we all like to receive from others, especially our caregivers. Growing up in the 70’s, the doctors in my small town often made house calls. The doctor’s kind and gentle “bedside manner” meant everything to us.

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