Best Social Media Platforms for Older Adults

Posted by Annie Keough on July 23, 2021


Social media has become a staple in today’s society. It has become harder to avoid it than to embrace it, and not using it no longer seems like an option.

Many older adults are intimidated by the array of social media sites available. However, there are several tried and true social media platforms that prioritize ease-of-use. The social media platforms in this article are ranked by usability, design, and overall experience for seniors.

Which Platforms Perform the Best and Why

1. Facebook


Facebook is, without a doubt, the most used social media platform by adults over the age of 65; nearly 79% of online adults use Facebook. Senior-friendly technology and design have kept Facebook at the top of the charts among older adults for the past couple of years. 

With nearly 2.45 billion monthly users, Facebook offers seniors an easy way to connect with family and friends. The direct messaging feature also makes staying in touch easy. Learn more about how Facebook can help your well-being here.

  • 2. YouTube

Although some believe that YouTube is geared toward a younger audience, adults aged 75 and up account for 51% of all YouTube viewers.

YouTube can be a very useful tool in educating seniors in a fun and interactive way. Many older adults prefer and learn more from visual learning and storytelling, and YouTube is the world’s most popular video-sharing platform.

Seniors are drawn to YouTube’s straightforward and user-friendly design and approach to video sharing, and the platform’s depth and breadth of content keep its users coming back.

  • 3. Instagram

Instagram is a simple way for seniors to view and share photos and videos of loved ones. 23% of adults using Instagram are between 50 and 64, while 8% are over the age of 65.

Because most younger adults are avid Instagram users, using the platform is a great way for you to keep up with children and grandchildren. Instagram can be seen as a digital photo album, with seniors posting pictures and being able to see and ‘like’ others photos. 

  • 4. Twitter

A quarter of U.S. adults 50 or older are active on Twitter, and that number is only growing.

Twitter allows older adults to stay connected to friends and family, keep up with recent news, and explore a variety of interests in a single feed. For seniors who prefer directed news blasts or information pertaining directly to the things that interest them, Twitter is the social platform for them. Because of the limited number of characters allowed per Twitter post, you are able to get notifications that are straight to the point. 

Twitter was also named one of the safest social media sites by the Huffington Post, as privacy settings prevent undesired users from interacting with a profile.

  • 5. Pinterest

Pinterest also comes with its own advantages that seniors do not want to miss out on. Pinterest allows older adults to foster their creative side and ‘pin’ and share project ideas all on one simple platform. Users are also able to share their ‘boards’ of their ideas with other friends.

Why Use Them

While these platforms are quite different, they all have one common factor: they all serve to connect people and allow them to express themselves.

Used correctly, social media can inspire well-being, socialization, and be an educational tool for seniors. Regular engagement on social media was also shown to have positive cognitive effects and improved working memory in older adults. 

Finding which platform works best for you is the easiest way to start using social media. Whether it is one on this list or something else entirely, as long as it keeps you connected and engaged, it is the right one.


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