Design is Key in Technology Adoption Among Seniors

Posted by Annie Keough on April 26, 2021

Seniors want to learn about and adapt to new technology, but confusing and inaccessible user interfaces can discourage them from trying.

Most apps are targeted toward younger people who already have the know-how about technology and disregard older adults who do not. 

According to researchers, 20.6% of the U.S. will be 65 years or older by the year 2030. Our population is aging, and creating or redesigning apps that increase accessibility for seniors can not only benefit the older adults that use them, but also the companies who create them. The good news is: it includes relatively simple adjustments.

Adults’ cognitive and physical abilities are bound to change as they age. The visual impairments and low motor skills that come with aging can make operating apps difficult. Small text, confusing language, and offering too many navigation options can contribute to difficulty and frustration seniors may experience.

In the senior living industry, most apps are created and designed with older adults in mind. However, your organization does not have to be centered around seniors to make your app more widely available to them. Here are a few simple ways to make apps more accessible to seniors:

1. Offer the option to have messages/article read aloud to seniors with visual impairments
  • 2. Allow seniors to magnify text or choose a font size
  • 3. Slowly introduce new updates as not to confuse users
  • 4. Highlight the most important features with bigger text and high contrast or prominent placement
  • 5. Provide straightforward language, no technical jargon

By considering older adults’ abilities and needs when designing apps, you open a door to technological learning that encourages seniors to explore without the usual obstacles.

Wellzesta Life

Wellzesta’s Life platform uses resident-centered technology that encourages older adults to participate in the app and benefit from its features without difficulty.

Life provides accessibility options that read words aloud and magnify text on the user’s screen.

Centralized communication and wellness make for a user-friendly experience. With simple commands, straightforward icons, and an easy-to-use layout, Life makes navigating the app a breeze.

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