StrongBand from Wellzesta: the operating system for senior living

Posted by John M. Robinson MD, PhD on April 5, 2019
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Wellzesta's StrongBand medical grade operating system offers security, reliability, and partnership opportunity.

In other articles, we focus on the resident-centric Apps (available for iOS, Android, and web) and the App used by staff. But, these Apps would not function without Wellzesta’s medical grade operating system called StrongBand.

As a HIPPA compliant architecture, StrongBand is engineered for security and reliability. StrongBand offers double encryption: encrypted storage and encrypted transmission.

What does StrongBand do?

  • Exposes an API for the transmission of data in encrypted form.
  • Pulls in patient-provided health and wellness data, health data from EHR’s, and health data from connected devices.
  • Helps with common concerns among low-acuity and medium-acuity seniors motivate grouping them into a new population called pre-acute. This article summarizes the task and challenges of delivering pre-acute care to seniors. 
  • Provides video streaming technology for telehealth.
  • Stores health and wellness data using internationally recognized data standards.
  • Brokerage for precision messaging.
  • Renders calendars on demand.
  • Exposes on-demand wellness content like articles and videos specific to your population.


  • Peta-scale primary database.
  • Read-only follower database for predictive analytics and artificial intelligence.
  • GraphQL API.
  • High performance caching.
  • Fast job scheduling.
  • Auto-scaling.
  • Continuous deployment.

Security Safeguards

  • System Health. Continuous health monitoring on database and API.
  • Traceability. Server data logging for traceability.
  • Intrusion monitoring.
  • Failover. Always-on failover database in the event of primary database failure.
  • Geo redundant disaster recovery. Back-up database in a distant city in case of catastrophic failure in the primary datacenter.
  • Backups. Automated hourly and daily data backups.
  • Encryption. Database encryption at rest.
  • Encryption. TLS encryption of all transmitted data.


  • Enterprise Single Sign On through OAuth providers like Google & Microsoft.
  • Multi-factor authentication.
  • StrongBand is used by Wellzesta Vis to generate in-house TV channels and power interactive kiosks.

As an operating system for senior living StrongBand is available as an OEM backing service for communities that wish to develop custom Apps. For details, schedule a short demo by clicking the button below.

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