What Seniors are Reflecting on in Isolation

Posted by Kate Sweeney on August 13, 2020
senior man with ipad


Wellness has been reimagined during this time of quarantine and isolation. As many are adjusting their daily rituals, they are searching for different practices to weave into their lives. Seniors, who are particularly impacted by social isolation, are finding new ways of engaging with technology and wellness. Matthew Russell, MD, of Massachusetts General notes, “Many seniors have learned to adopt evolving technology, which they may not have prior to COVID-19.”

Evolving Content Interests

In Life Plan Communities, seniors are adopting new technology. Some are trying virtual workout classes for the first time. Others are messaging residents a few doors down to stay connected. And many are using technology to turn inwards and to think about deeper questions related to meaning, purpose and wellbeing.

Life Plan Community residents are reflecting and are looking for resources to support them in their current reality. Wellzesta notes that one of their most popular resources over the past few months was Brooke Anderson’s article “Six Daily Questions to Ask Yourself in Quarantine”. This article prompts readers with questions like “What am I grateful for today?” and “What beauty am I either creating, cultivating or inviting in today?” It was the most read article on the Wellzesta Life platform during the month of July. 

Other popular articles on the Wellzesta Life Platform include “Which of the Things You love Make you Happiest?” and “Tips on Coping with Coronavirus if You Live Alone". Alternatively, interest in articles related to environmental wellness, which focus on appreciation of physical spaces and the outside environment, has decreased. Beyond reading, senior residents are prioritizing their spiritual wellness, with notable increases in attendance at virtual religious services.

Adapting with Seniors 

This data shows that seniors are seeking content that prompts further reflection, and resources that will help them navigate isolation. In this time of disconnection, they are looking to reconnect with themselves, and finding new ways to manage separation from friends and loved ones. Karelina and DeVries note, "Among adults, the social environment remains an important determinant of health and well being." Fostering a positive and safe social environment is key to senior health now and into the future.

As seniors are simultaneously engaging more with technology and are searching for meaningful resources, Wellzesta is here to meet their interests. Wellzesta Life provides daily articles, videos, recipes, and wellness coaching curated just for seniors. This personalized, timely content provides the connection that is so vital right now. And with reports on the analytics of content, your community can adapt to changing needs more quickly than ever before. Sign up for a demo today.


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