4 Ways to Welcome a Better You in the New Year

Posted by Annie Keough on January 7, 2022


The beginning of a new year comes with endless possibilities, but it also invites a stressful debate on which New Year’s resolution to choose or what kind of person you want to become. Do you want to start working out more? Create new goals? Redefine yourself? A new year doesn’t have to mean a completely new you, but you can take steps to better yourself for your own sake.

Less than 8% of people actually keep their new year’s resolutions. It’s not very surprising; resolutions are typically well-intentioned, but they can put unnecessary pressure on whoever makes them. 

Here are 4 low-stress ways to welcome 2022 and a better you:

  •      1. Reflect on the past year

Reflecting on the past year can yield many benefits. When you reflect on past events and evaluate what you could’ve done differently, you open yourself up to a happier and healthier new year. Think about what made you happy and what created stress. Reflect on situations that you wish you had handled differently and figure out how you would handle them differently if they happen again.

You can begin by thinking about or writing down the year’s “highlights” and “lowlights” - the best and worst parts of your year. Once you’ve captured them, examine them. Ask yourself what was in your control and what wasn’t, why these situations made you feel a certain way, and what lessons you learned or takeaways you identified from each experience. 

  •      2. Try a vision board instead of a new year’s resolution

Because very few people stick to their resolution, they are left with feelings of guilt for not holding themselves accountable. Vision boards take a more forgiving approach. They allow you to express yourself creatively while keeping you centered on what you really want. Check out how to make a vision board for beginners here.

  •      3. Put yourself first

Many people believe that choosing to put yourself first is selfish, but it doesn’t have to be! Learning to put your feelings ahead of others can be difficult for some people, but sometimes it’s necessary to create the best version of yourself. Prioritize your own mental well-being by surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good and encourage you to be better. Excuse yourself from conversations or situations that you don’t feel comfortable in. Put your physical well-being ahead of planned social events.

You can also try creating a space that you feel safe in and can escape to whenever you feel overwhelmed. It can be anywhere from your bedroom to a small corner of your house stuffed with pillows and blankets. As long as you give yourself the space where you feel comfortable enough to do some self-introspection or meditating, it works.

  •      4. Celebrate your improvements

We have a tendency to focus on things that didn’t work out or we failed to do. Sometimes, a change in perspective is all you need for a better year. If a resolution or goal you set for yourself doesn’t work out, don’t linger on it. Instead, try focusing on what you achieved. It doesn’t have to be anything huge. It can be self-improvements as well as accomplishments from work, a fulfilling hobby, or a simple compliment from a stranger that gave you confidence.

Consider making a New Year’s achievement list where you can record all of your improvements. If you ever feel yourself focusing too much on something you didn’t do, take a look at what you have achieved. 


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