6 Ways to Have a Safe Holiday Season During COVID-19

Posted by Annie Keough on December 20, 2021


Last holiday season, there was very little to do other than stay inside. This year, we have more options available to us.

The past few years have reminded us of the importance of being together and spending time with the people we care about. To ensure that next year is celebrated in person, we have to maintain healthy and safe social practices, especially during the holiday season.

Here are some tips on how stay safe over the next few weeks:

  •      1. Travel Safely

If you’re traveling by plane, especially to see at-risk individuals for the holidays, practice social distancing whenever possible. If the flight is short, refrain from eating or drinking to minimize the time without a mask. Wear an N95 to make sure you have a reliable face covering. 

If you’re traveling by car, try limiting the time spent indoors at gas stations or restaurants and be sure to wear a mask.

  •      2. Host a (Virtual) Gift Exchange

Getting together during the holidays can be tricky, especially if your friends and family live in different parts of the country. Add in the fact that COVID-19-induced supply chain challenges have increased shipping times and you may be looking at gifts arriving later than expected. But logistical challenges shouldn’t prevent you from experiencing the joy of giving and receiving gifts! Consider planning a make-up day to open presents (virtually, if necessary) when everyone has theirs. 

  •      3. Hold a Virtual Zoom Holiday

If you are still wary of large gatherings, consider holding a virtual Zoom holiday! Plan a time for everyone to hop on a Zoom call and open presents, have dinner, or just spend time with one another. Consider hosting a virtual New Year’s Eve ball drop party to welcome the new year with the ones you love.

  •      4. Get in the Holiday Spirit

Decorations on or in your house have the power to lift anyone’s mood. If you’re spending the holidays on your own and haven’t already, try decorating your home with some holiday spirit. Put up lights or make homemade decorations to give your home some holiday cheer.

  •      5. Practice Safe Social Distancing

If you’re holding a holiday gathering with family members who aren’t vaccinated, consider holding your dinner outdoors (if the weather permits) or in a ventilated room. You could also encourage family members to get their booster shots before getting together. Learn more about booster shots here.

  •      6. Plan a Virtual Santa Visit

Going to the mall to visit Santa is something kids look forward to all year. Although some places aren’t holding meetings with Santa this year, that shouldn’t stop you from giving your kids a happy memory. Platforms like Macy’s Santaland at Home or JingleRing let parents or grandparents reserve personalized calls with Santa straight from the North Pole.


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