Benefits of team well-being

Posted by Evangeline Wilds on March 6, 2019

In the midst of your community’s busy schedule, your staff members need chances to pause and refocus on their own whole-person wellness. Use our easy tips to infuse the day-to-day with refreshment, encouragement, and better health for everyone.

Between yoga classes, field trips, arts and crafts, book clubs, and so much more, your staff is kept busy planning and executing programming for the residents at your community. Many staff members may not take time for their personal wellness, which could lead to burnout and fatigue. To help keep your staff feeling healthy and whole, try these tips to bring wellness to their daily routine.

  • Try aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an easy and effective way to improve wellness through the power of essential oils. Try placing a diffuser in a common area and adding drops of oil to suit the mood, such as lavender for relaxation; peppermint, eucalyptus, or rosemary for mental stimulation and focus; or orange or grapefruit for a mood booster.

  • Take time for conversation

In the midst of a hectic day, it’s easy to feel that you can’t have conversations about anything but work. This can cause your staff to feel overwhelmed and isolated. Make it a goal to engage others in conversations about their lives, and you will build relationships, bring perspective to the work day, and introduce a level of social wellness that isn’t often shared through email and closed office doors.

  • Get outside

Encourage your staff members to get outside, even if only for short periods at a time. Taking a walk at lunch with some coworkers can help you increase physical wellness, build connections, and energize you for the rest of your work day. When the weather is nice, maybe even try holding a meeting outside.

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