How to Ensure a Successful Technology Rollout With Residents and Staff

Posted by Annie Keough on August 27, 2021


Rolling out new technology at your senior living community can be nerve-racking, both for staff and residents. Your approach to rolling it out has a massive impact on how the technology is received and, ultimately, whether or not it’s used.

Some resistance to change is unavoidable. But this resistance can be minimized and overcome by having a clear strategy in place prior to implementation. Here are a few tips from Wellzesta’s own Client Success Team on implementing new technology in your community.

     Small Groups

Taking the time to connect with your group and answer questions is an important step in completing a thorough training session. We recommend groups with no more than 15 people per session, to get the most out of each training.

     Training Order

Securing staff support initially before moving onto resident training- which will require a greater amount of time, effort, and resources- will aid in a smooth implementation. After successfully onboarding staff, more care and focus can be put on residents who may be hesitant to learn new technology.

     Emphasize Benefits

People are more likely to be invested in and willing to learn about a product once they learn how it could benefit them, so explaining how the new technology could help can be an incentive to learn. Make it clear that the new technology is simply another, more convenient way of doing the same things they have always done, as well as improving and streamlining new operations.

     Make It Personal

Using examples relevant to your community can make using the product easier to understand for some people. Talk to your team beforehand to discover the examples they’ll find most compelling. For example, if there’s an important cooking class coming up that your team is looking forward to, incorporate this class into your demo or training.

     Be Reassuring

Above all: be reassuring. No matter who you’re training, commend them on learning how to use new technology. This is always a daunting task. In fact, many people do not ask questions in training sessions out of fear of being judged by their peers or trainer. This apprehension results in a misunderstanding of the technology. Taking the time to go through the steps will help ease people’s nerves and assure them that you are open to answering any questions they might have.


Our team has spent years crafting our unique, high-touch onboarding experience. We’re with your team every step of the way to ensure a smooth launch and great adoption, both by employees and residents.

Our goal is to teach residents and staff how to use the training to leverage our platforms’ full potential. When completed, residents are able to make the best of Wellzesta Life and staff of Elevate.

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