How to Maintain Relationships and Build New Ones

Posted by Annie Keough on January 14, 2022


Nearly two years of on-and-off connection has reminded most people of the value of meaningful relationships. Without them, we’ve found that we are more likely to succumb to loneliness, lose our sense of purpose, engage in unhealthy behaviors, and more.

Creating relationships exclusively to avoid loneliness won’t cut it, though. They have to be healthy, meaningful relationships that foster trust and comfort between both people. Positive and healthy relationships can improve happiness, reduce stress, help you cope with traumatic events, and boost confidence. Learn more about why a positive community is important here.

Here are a few tips on how to maintain relationships and build new ones:

Maintaining Relationships

Maintaining relationships, no matter how old you are, is an important aspect of aging successfully. Investing time and energy into maintaining a healthy relationship is well worth it. Here’s how to do it:


Whether between a partner, friend, or family member, communication is the basis of any solid relationship. Open communication and the ability to express what you want out of that relationship can get you through any rough patch you may have. To achieve this, you have to address conflict early on and in a direct way.

When in doubt, use “I” statements to replace accusatory “you” statements to accomplish open communication. For example, “I feel like you should help out more,” instead of “Why don’t you ever help out?” 

     Show appreciation

It’s easy to take someone for granted when they’ve always been a steady presence in your life. Don’t let routine get in the way of showing your continued appreciation for loved ones. Carve out special one-on-one time with that person to take them to a meal, engage in a shared interest, or just hang out on the couch together.

     Make plans for the future

A lot can happen when you have known someone for a long period of time. Because you assume they will always be there, you may end up growing apart from not spending enough time together. To avoid that, plan activities or trips that you can go on to strengthen your relationship. The effort will show the other person that you are in it for the long run.

Building New Relationships

People of all ages have trouble creating new relationships; it’s a universal experience. It can be hard to branch out from your existing groups and sometimes people just don’t know where to start. Here are a few ways to build new relationships: 

     Ask questions

It is proven that people like people who ask questions. Following-up an answer with a relevant question shows the other person that you pay attention to them and listen carefully to what they say. Actively asking questions about their hobbies, job, or families can also open up discussion and expose similarities. Asking questions can also help you learn things you didn’t know about an existing friend or family member. 

     Assume other people want to build relationships, too

If you go into a social situation or event thinking that no one would be open to creating a relationship with you, you may be setting yourself up for failure. Don’t be put off by someone’s cold exterior. They could just be shy and waiting for someone to talk to them. Try engaging in conversation with an open mind and see where it takes you.

     Seek out virtual methods of connection

Some people may not be able to go to crowded places to create new relationships. But there are always online groups you can join to create meaningful connections. Maybe there is a Facebook group of people interested in gardening or spirituality, an online forum of people open to making friends, or a virtual support group that creates lasting bonds


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