How to Welcome a New Mindset

Posted by Annie Keough on February 2, 2022


Your mindset is your set of beliefs that help you make sense of the world around you. It affects how you feel, think, and behave in any situation. According to Carol Dweck, a Stanford psychologist, your mindset drives what (and how much) you achieve, which is why it is important to maintain a growth mindset over a fixed one.

A fixed mindset can be a significant disadvantage. It can hinder your personal growth and achievements by limiting your willingness to engage in new opportunities. When you're not open to new experiences, you can’t grow.

A fixed mindset can look like not wanting to try something new because you don’t think that you will immediately succeed, believing you will fail because “that’s just who you are,” or thinking that you can’t change something about yourself.

Adopting a growth mindset can set you free from restrictive thoughts and open you to new opportunities. Here are a few ways to welcome a healthier mindset:

     Add “yet”

Someone with a fixed mindset will give up on something if they don't immediately succeed. When you try a new thing that you’re struggling with, remember that you haven’t succeeded “yet.” Adding that small word can give you a lot of room for mistakes and encourage you to keep trying.

     Seek out challenges

Facing challenges and coming out the other side is the perfect opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them. Although it’s scary, you can’t grow without trying and failing a few times. So, the next time a difficult situation comes your way, don’t run from it because you think you can’t handle it. Face it head-on and treat it as a learning experience.

     Ask a friend

Negative self-talk skews our perception of ourselves. After a while, we start to believe the lies we tell ourselves and stop growing. Go to a trusted friend and ask them if your perception of yourself agrees with how they see you. If it’s different, try aligning your thoughts and beliefs about yourself with those of your friend’s. 

     Reflect on the positive

Changing your entire mindset about yourself, however, may not be easy. Negative self-talk can add to the struggle of adapting to a positive mindset, so take time to focus on the positive things about yourself. Keep track of one good thing you do every day, either in a journal or in your head. Then, when you start to regress into negative thoughts, compare them with all of the real-world things you have done.


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