Winter Activities To Keep Seniors Active

Posted by Annie Keough on December 2, 2021


With the sun setting earlier and the days getting colder, it’s easy to lose track of your summer routine. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying the winter season and making the most out of it.

There are some risks that come with aging in the winter. Older adults can lose body heat very quickly, leaving them at a higher chance of contracting hypothermia. There is also the risk of developing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and vitamin D deficiency which can affect seniors’ mental and physical health

Staying warm, active, and social can significantly reduce the likelihood of these problems. Here are a few ideas for activities to enjoy during winter:

  •      1. Get into the holiday spirit

Enjoy your time indoors by making some holiday-themed crafts. Making a Christmas wreath, paper flower menorah, Kwanzaa kinara, or other holiday decorations by hand can be a fun way to get in the holiday spirit.

  •      2. Take care of your mental health 

Keeping up with self-care and taking care of your mental health should be practiced all year round, especially during winter. With the risk of SAD more prominent in the cold seasons, seniors can help combat it by practicing self-care, trying out bright light therapy, or keeping a regular schedule.

  •      3. Keep up with exercise

Flexibility, endurance, strength, and balance can all be improved by exercise, and you can accomplish these exercises inside. Something as simple as doing chores around the house is a great way to keep seniors up and moving, while also protecting their brain health. Balancing exercises, fitness videos on YouTube, or yoga are all helpful indoor exercises that keep older adults active.

  •      4. Volunteer

Volunteering has multiple health benefits, including an increased sense of purpose, combating depression, and keeping you physically active. There are plenty of ways to volunteer iside during the winter, like a soup kitchen. But if you prefer outdoor volunteering events, make sure to bundle up and take breaks indoors.

  •      5. Swap winter clothes

Hold a winter clothing swap event in your community. Gather all of your winter coats, pants, hats, and gloves that you don’t wear and see if any of your fellow residents are interested. It can be a fun way to get new, warm clothes for winter and give residents a chance to interact with one another. If you end up with leftover clothes, consider donating them to a local homeless shelter or Goodwill.

  •      6. Plan calls with friends or family

Planning daily or weekly calls with loved ones is a great way to stay connected with them from a distance. If they live in the area, plan weekly visits. Find a time that works for both of you and enjoy the company.

  •      7. Have a movie night

Get a group of residents and employees together at your community for a weekly movie night. Appreciate the company and warmth of your friends. You can even plan a theme based on the film to make it more entertaining.


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