Articles of Interest: What Seniors Love to Read

Posted by Jess Murphy on April 26, 2019
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What articles are seniors reading the most?

In Wellzesta Life, end users (residents, future residents) receive points for attending community-sponsored events, reading articles on health and wellness, and journaling about user-initiated activities.

The advanced analytics and business intelligence features in Wellzesta make asking questions like "what are the most popular articles?" a breeze.

We asked, "For all residents at all Wellzesta partner communities, rank the articles by order of the most points awarded."

Figure 1 shows the 10 most popular articles.

Most Popular Articles with Wellzesta Life Users

Figure 1. Top ten articles ranked in order of most points awarded to Wellzesta Life users.

These results reveal some trends: seniors are more likely to engage with articles on current events, physical health and wellness, and human interest and inspiration. These articles are the most popular because, for residents at life plan communities, staying informed, healthy, and happy are of high importance. I suspect this is true for people of all ages. 

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