Digital Signage vs. Engagement

Posted by Annie Keough on November 9, 2021


What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage refers to display technologies, like TVs, that project messages, webpages, videos, and other digital notifications to viewers. It has become a widely used tool for communication in the senior living industry to communicate events, activities, important messages from leadership, dining information, and more. 

Where it Works

Displaying messages and events about daily happenings at the community can be an important form of one-way communication. In some cases, it’s more helpful to residents. In general, the higher the patient acuity, the more effective digital signage and other forms of passive entertainment will be. For Skilled Nursing patients, for example, digital signage is often the most effective way to share information and entertainment. 

For residents who are “on-the-go” - like those living in Active Adult communities or Independent Living residents at Life Plan communities - a personalized and bidirectional approach can often provide better results. Incorporating digital signage into your community is a good start, but figuring out how to turn that one-way communication into a more engagement-centered approach can lead to long-term positive change. 

Focusing on two-way communication allows residents to provide feedback in a way that benefits everyone: residents know their feedback is heard, employees can incorporate that feedback and focus on more proactive initiatives, and leadership teams are freed up to focus on strategic questions instead of operational issues. Read more about the advantages of engagement versus one-way communication here.

How to Optimize Engagement

You can ensure meaningful engagement in your community by selecting a single vendor with a track record of industry-leading engagement. Avoid the temptation of piecemealing together several vendors’ solutions as this can lead to disorganization and poor communication. A single vendor can compile all relevant data and information from your community while empowering residents to participate in events and other social activities.


Wellzesta is the single source for engagement, communication, and wellness. Our commitment to engagement works to connect residents with everything they need in your community.

Our resident engagement technology consolidates all events, messages, and dining information into one platform, making it simple for staff to share relevant information with the community and encouraging residents to participate.

Wellzesta Life also offers a way for residents to communicate their opinions and feedback to employees, giving residents the satisfaction that their voices are heard and management an opportunity to better their communities.

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