How Life Plan Communities Benefit Resident Well-being

Posted by Annie Keough on February 14, 2022


A new report by the Mather Institute’s Age Well Study found certain Life Plan Community factors that uniquely benefit resident well-being.

Life Plan Communities, or continuing care retirement communities (CCRC), are an increasingly popular retirement option for older adults who wish to live independently while also having access to assisted living or medical assistance as their needs change.

Mather Institute conducted a five-year study on the impact of living in a Life Plan Community on residents’ wellness and health. The latest study took place in 2020 during the height of the pandemic, allowing the Institute to evaluate residents’ resilience and emotional and social well-being unlike any study done before. The results are based on responses from 5,148 residents in 80 Life Plan Communities around the nation.

The study found that Life Plan Community residents had greater social, emotional, physical, vocational, and intellectual wellness compared to other older adults within the community at large. The report also found that the reasons seniors living in a Life Plan Community showed high resilience, low stress, and overall increased well-being throughout the pandemic had a strong link to three key Life Plan Community characteristics: autonomy (independence), affiliation (socialization), and achievement (engagement).

Because Life Plant Communities highlight the importance of an individualized approach to wellness, residents can feel the difference in their well-being, with 69% of residents saying that moving to a Life Plan Community “somewhat or greatly improved” their social wellness.

Overall, Life Plan Community residents reported greater satisfaction with life, an increased sense of community belonging, fewer chronic conditions, increased physical activity, more healthy behaviors, and improved personal connections.

This study will help clarify the Life Plan Community model’s strengths and weaknesses, driving continued improvement at Life Plan Communities around the country.


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