How to Enjoy Being Alone

Posted by Annie Keough on September 23, 2021


Many people find it difficult to enjoy being alone. Some associate being happy with being with others. Spending time with others is indeed fulfilling, but learning to enjoy time spent alone is incredibly rewarding.

Over the pandemic, we had a lot of practice being alone and isolated. That doesn’t mean it was always easy or enjoyable; but, it was practice. We can build on that practice to learn to like being by ourselves.

      Why Being Alone Can Be a Good Thing

Being alone gives you a chance to recharge. Constantly spending energy on other people can be mentally draining. Taking some time to focus on ourselves can be surprisingly restorative.

You can get in touch with yourself. Meeting new people can be a good way to better understand ourselves. After spending time with others, spend some time reflecting on who you are and what you like. This can help you discover what you truly enjoy doing without the social pressure that can come from being around others.

It can build self-esteem and confidence. Hearing compliments from others is always a nice short-term mood boost, but learning to give yourself compliments for your achievements, personality, or looks will keep you going in the long run.

Take advantage of what being alone entails. The desire to please others by living up to their expectations or doing what they want can be exhausting. Removing others from the equation allows you to do what you want free from other people’s standards. 

      How to Enjoy Being Alone

Start with the basics. Figure out why you don’t like being alone. Common culprits include low self-esteem, overthinking, or a simple preference for talking over thinking. Whatever it is, facing that anxiety is the first step toward enjoying time spent alone.

Consider being alone from a new perspective. Many people fall into the trap of viewing being alone as some sort of failure or somehow unpleasant. If you view being alone as bad in and of itself, consider the aforementioned benefits of aloneness. Like with most things, it's all a matter of perspective.

Take yourself out. Making yourself a priority and putting your wants and needs first can do wonders for your self-image. Take yourself out to dinner, a movie, or for a cup of coffee. Notice where your thoughts wander or dwell absent of conversation. It might feel weird at first, but eventually, you will look forward to your outings.

Acknowledge the good things. Making a list of things you are grateful for isn’t just a way to boost happiness and hopefulness, it can also be helpful to improve your mood when you're alone. If you are feeling down about being alone, take out the list and remind yourself of all the good things in your life.

Practice forgiveness, especially in yourself.  Forgiving people doesn’t always have to be for their benefit, it can be for yours. Letting go of negative feelings for someone (including yourself) can be a huge weight off of your shoulders, as well as your mind. Anxiety, stress, and depression can all be reduced through forgiveness.

How Wellzesta Can Help

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