Spring Activities for Seniors

Posted by Annie Keough on March 23, 2022


Spring is a time for new beginnings. After months of cold weather, it’s time to enjoy the outdoors and sunshine. 

You may already have a list of activities to help you and your loved ones make the most of spring, but if not, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Plant a garden

Gardens can come in all shapes and sizes, but flower and vegetable gardens are the most common. Flowers can decrease stress, improve concentration and memory, and promote overall well-being when placed in or around your home. Growing your own garden also gives you the benefit of knowing exactly where your food comes from. Planting and maintaining a garden can provide you with a consistent physical exercise that you can do every day.

Check out how to start a garden for beginners here. If you don’t have room in your yard, spring is also the perfect time to start an indoor herb garden.

Go to a farmer’s market

If you can’t grow your own food, try the next best thing! Farmer’s markets give you the perfect combination of physical and social activity while also allowing you to support local farmers from your area. 

Make something!

Spring can inspire you to be creative and start new projects, so why not try a few? Birdhouses are a classic crafting project and give you the chance to birdwatch right from your window. Check out how to make a traditional birdhouse here. Decorate non-toxic colored eggs to celebrate Easter or to use for an egg hunt. Paint a pot to put your flowers or vegetables/herbs in to make them pop.

Watch the cherry blossoms bloom

Cherry blossom trees typically reach full bloom in the last week of March to the first week of April, depending on where you live. Your town may have a festival set up to enjoy the cherry blossom trees in full bloom, but even if there isn’t a formal event, walk around and take in the beauty of nature with friends from your community.

Go for a picnic 

An easy way to enjoy the outdoors is to pack a few snacks and head outside. If there aren’t any parks in your area, use your yard or gather some fellow residents to set up on the grounds of your community. See some easy picnic food ideas here

Host a spring garden party

Celebrate the return of warm weather with an outdoor party. You can have it themed for spring or Easter, have each person bring a dish to share, or let everyone bring their favorite flower to plant in your garden. Invite friends and family to enjoy a fun and safe time together outdoors.

Volunteer outdoors

Giving back to your community can increase your sense of purpose, lower stress, and improve social and physical activity. Find out what volunteering opportunities there are in your area with Volunteer Match.

Spring cleaning

A classic staple of spring is there for a reason. Use the beginning of a new season as an excuse to clean up around your house. You can also invite family over and go through old photo books or keepsakes to reminisce.


Wellzesta is committed to keeping our users active and engaged in their daily lives. 

Wellzesta Life allows users to join groups within their communities for things like gardening, crafting, bird watching, or other fun activities to fill their days. Residents also receive daily wellness content that offers resources for activities, hobbies, or events they may be interested in pursuing.

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