The Importance of Investing In An Integration Platform

Posted by Annie Keough on October 15, 2021


What is an integration platform?

An integration platform connects all the different software solutions that your community uses, ensuring that information flows seamlessly from one application to the next. Instead of manually re-entering updates to things like health data and resident information on multiple platforms, integrations help software work together to ensure that data is accurate across different applications. 

Why is it important to senior living communities?

Smooth operations in a senior living community are essential to the satisfaction of residents and staff, the safety of seniors, and saving money for the organization. 

There are many moving pieces in a senior living community: EHRs, resident entertainment, maintenance requests, and billing, to name just a few. All of these moving pieces must interact with one another to maintain a stable environment

A good integration platform improves operations, streamlines communication, and pays for itself through both short and long-term cost savings. Not investing in one could be a detriment to your community. Here’s why an integration platform is essential in senior living:

Centralizes all necessary data. 

The stakes are higher in senior living than in many other industries. Quick access to EHRs, resident dietary restrictions, or emergency alerts can help senior living staff ensure resident safety.

Connects everyone.

Integration platforms connect residents and staff, employees to essential data, and seniors to content and information. They allow easy access to various health data and records through a single source, eliminating clutter and effectively making employees’ jobs easier. 

Integration platforms can also increase resident satisfaction by connecting them to the different people and information they want.

Saves you money.

Steadier workflows means increased employee satisfaction. This increased employee satisfaction reduces turnover, saving communities thousands of dollars per turnover. Further, each employee spends more time on value-adding activities as opposed to administrative activities such as porting data from one system over to the another, often via Excel.

The accessible data can also provide your community with opportunities to see what’s working in your community and where there’s room for improvement. Connecting data from disparate sources leads to a more complete picture of what’s happening on campus, allowing organizations to expand their reach.


Wellzesta’s operating system, StrongBand, allows senior living communities to evolve by supporting integrations, storing data, and streamlining operations.

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