Top 5 Ways Senior Living Executives Can Build Staff Morale

Posted by Annie Keough on July 27, 2021


Employee morale is important in any line of business, but when the effects of low staff morale can create serious consequences for the health of your residents, it is more important than ever to keep your senior living staff happy and productive.

Maintaining high employee morale benefits both your company and your employees. When employees are excited about their job and feel satisfied with their work environment, it boosts staff well-being and improves team communication and overall productivity.

With a turnover rate of 40% in the first 90 days of employment, senior living communities can only benefit from fostering a fun environment where employees are excited to go to work every day.

What You Can Do to Build Morale

  • 1. Start at the Source

Hiring an unqualified person can cost your community not only time and money, but it can also have a negative impact on current employees. Disruptions in workflow brought on by an unqualified new hire can cause a decrease in productivity, and result in more stress to current employees as they then have to pick up the slack.

Creating a clear job description that accurately reflects the culture of your community ensures that you attract the right people. You may also consider implementing a referral program that allows your employees to refer friends or family for new positions. 

  • 2. Recognize and Reward

Sometimes all it takes to improve staff morale is to simply show appreciation for your employee’s hard work. One of the most common reasons associated with caregiver turnover is the feeling of being undervalued in the workplace. Utilizing non-monetary compensation such as rewards, services, and other benefits satisfies an employee’s desire to be valued and appreciated and is shown to improve productivity and overall employee satisfaction.

  • 3. Build Trust

Building a culture of trust in your workplace is integral in maintaining a healthy and positive work atmosphere. A lack of trust can create a hostile work environment where productivity is low, tension is high, and employees are disengaged.  

Trust between employees and employers- and vice versa- increases loyalty and the chance of the employee staying with the company longer. It also improves productivity and communication within the workplace. Try giving employees meaningful tasks and projects that make them feel like you trust them to do it, and avoid micromanaging as it implies a lack of trust in an employee's abilities.

  • 4. Get Feedback

Employees are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered at work if their voices are heard, and a great way to achieve empowerment is to get their feedback on what you could be doing better. Constructive feedback can benefit both employee and employer, as it gives both a chance to learn from their mistakes and grow. Regularly distributing anonymous satisfaction surveys allows staff to freely give both positive and negative feedback. 

  • 5. Make Room for Growth

Every company needs to grow to survive, and allowing your staff to grow with you increases the chance of retention. Offering professional development within the company keeps employees from feeling unmotivated and bored. It also adds more incentive to stay with your company longer. Hire internally whenever possible to show employees that there is room to grow professionally, or assign more responsibilities to your employee to let them know that you see their hard work.

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Show Employees You Care

Wellzesta Elevate is designed to increase job satisfaction in your staff and reduce employee turnover by encouraging communication and empowering employees. 

Elevate utilizes technology to encourage employee retention and make staff’s job easier by streamlining communication between staff and residents and allowing employees to focus on their own holistic wellness

The benefits of keeping your employees happy go far beyond company productivity. Fostering a safe and healthy work environment makes for an overall satisfied workforce that will help you build a strong and thriving community. Start investing in your employees and reap the dividends for your company by following these five tips.

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