How Does An Engagement Platform Grow With An Evolving Senior Living Industry?

Posted by Annie Keough on August 10, 2021


The senior living industry has adjusted to the ‘new normal’ of virtual communication in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although adopting new technologies into companies was in effect before the pandemic, the epidemic highlighted the importance of the transition to virtual operations that is expected to continue post-pandemic.

In order for organizations to grow during this time, adapting to the ‘new normal’ has become essential. Utilizing systems that aid in the transition process makes this possible.

Wellzesta’s StrongBand

StrongBand, Wellzesta’s operating system, allows your organization to evolve and change with the senior living industry by securely protecting data and streamlining virtual operations.

StrongBand’s HIPAA compliant architecture is designed to create peace of mind for senior living organizations, while simultaneously bettering their communities.

New Technologies

Using Smart Speakers, like Alexa or Google Nest, is another way to increase engagement and elevate your community in the evolving senior living industry. Voice-technology platforms like VoCo personalize Alexa to your community, so all a resident has to say is: “Alexa, call the nurses’ station,” and a nurse will be notified directly and sent to the resident’s room. Residents can also be reminded to take medication, see what is for lunch that day, or set reminders of events they signed up for, simply by means of their smart speaker.

Integrating with StrongBand and implementing new technologies that advance and aid your community ensures a smooth transition in an evolving industry. Allowing your community to add an extra level of security, reliability, and safety through the use of technology and engagement platforms will differentiate your community from competitors while also giving your community the tools it needs to grow.

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