How to Put Your Mental Health First

Posted by Annie Keough on May 16, 2022


Although mental health has become a more talked-about issue in the past decade, some people still aren’t used to putting their mental health first. Use Mental Health Awareness Month as a chance to explore different ways you can prioritize your mental health.

People of all ages can benefit from putting their mental and emotional health first. Your mental state affects every aspect of your well-being and taking care of yourself can help prevent serious health conditions and the development of severe psychological issues.

Focusing on your mental health at home, in the workplace, and at every other point of your life is essential in achieving holistic well-being. However, some people don’t know how to make time for their mental health, or even know where to start. Here are a few tips on how to put your mental health first:

  •      1. Do something you know you like

Dealing with negative thoughts can sometimes hinder your ability to try new things. Sticking with an activity you know you will like doing can take the stress away from choosing something you may not enjoy. It can give you time to escape those negative thoughts and focus on other things you might enjoy doing.

  •      2. Take a “Mindful Moment”

According to Parade Media and Cleveland Clinic’s 2022 Healthy Now survey, 46% of Americans feel that taking multiple 5-10 minute breaks throughout their day can maintain or improve their mental health. 70% felt that these small moments were more doable and more beneficial to their mental health than taking 30-60 minute breaks. Try incorporating these small moments into your day to do something that you know you like and relieve stress.

  •      3. Minimize isolation

By now it seems everyone knows the value of socialization and how isolation can affect mental health. The pandemic allowed us the opportunity to seek out alternative forms of communication and connectivity, but a negative mindset can make it difficult to socialize. 

Personal interaction, while beneficial, can be draining, too. Nevertheless, minimizing your isolation is key in prioritizing your mental health. Try getting your morning coffee at a local cafe and sit alongside the other customers as you get your work done or take a walk at your gym’s track to be amongst other people. You don’t need to talk to anyone for too long, but just being around other people can make a difference.

  •      4. Make it a routine

While most people have tried at least one self-care activity, not everyone sticks with it enough to make it a habit. Even working those mindful moments into your routine may take a bit of getting used to, but once you actively make time for those moments every day, they will make a permanent place in your routine.

  •      5. Use Social Media Carefully

Nearly 52% of seniors ages 50-64 use some form of social media, and for some, time spent on those networks can include interacting with friends and family or sharing photos of themselves and loved ones. This kind of social media presence is not necessarily harmful, and for older adults, it can even boost feelings of competency, autonomy, and connectivity. 

However, not everyone spends time on social media in a productive - or even healthy - way. ExpressVPN’s 2021 survey of 1,500 Americans showed that 86% of those surveyed experienced a negative impact on their happiness and self-image from social media usage. Instead of scrolling, try drawing or doing something creative, listening to music, meeting up with some friends, or going on a walk. Check out some other things to do while taking a break from social media here.


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