Senior Summer Exercises for when the Heat Rises

Posted by Bria Patterson on July 7, 2023

The Importance of Exercise 

As the sun shines brightly and warm breezes fill the air, the summer season invites the time for relaxation, vacationing, and basking in the outdoors. But while taking trips to the beach may be fun, it’s also important to make sure our exercising levels don’t take a backseat.  This is especially true for seniors. 

Exercise prevents health issues and strengthens your muscles to where you can become more independent as you get older. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states adults aged 65 and older need 150 minutes a week for “moderate-intensity activity,” such as brisk walking. Or it’s advised to do 75 minutes a week of vigorous-intensity activity such as hiking, jogging, or running. Performing these activities during the summer can be draining due to high temperatures. So here are 5 workouts you can do during the summer heat. 

Summer Exercise Activities 

1. Walking in Place

The best part about this activity is it can be done anywhere and anytime! The next time you’re watching TV or doing chores try walking in place for a few moments. As explained by the Cleveland Clinic, it raises your heart rate, and signals your body to start pumping more oxygen and blood to your muscles. This helps them move more efficiently, and causes more calories to be burned. Exercise Physiologist Jordan Boreman states, walking in place for 30 minutes can burn about 100 to 200 calories. Click here for tips on the best ways to expand your workout while walking in place.

  • 2. Water Aerobics 

When you can’t beat the heat, exercising in the pool can be a great way to cool off and stay active. You can make these activities as intense as you want. Some examples include walking from one end to the pool to the other, or using water weights. Water walking is considered a low-impact exercise because it’s gentle on the bones and joints. The Healthline explains it’s a safe option for people with  arthritis, osteoporosis, or fibromyalgia. A study published by the National Library of Medicine also found water walking can help with lowering your blood pressure, and improving your balance. Click here to find more water aerobics exercises. 

  • 3. Dance to your favorite song

Dancing is a fun way to get some exercise. Whether it’s dancing to your favorite tune at home, or taking lessons. According to Humana, dancing  builds core strength, improves flexibility and reduces stress. Taking lessons can also help you meet new people and become more social.

  • 4. Try Pickleball 

It’s considered one of the fastest growing sports, and it’s a great exercise activity for seniors.  Because pickleball has a smaller court, it requires less running, and can be easier on the joints in comparison to some sports such as tennis. And as stated by the Medical University of South Carolina, the light weighing ball and paddle allows minimal stress on the tendons and muscles of the arms. You can play the game in pairs or even join a team, so just like dance lessons it’s a great way to become more social. 

  • 5. Try At-home Strength Workouts

Research published by the National Library of Medicine notes strength exercises help build muscle strength and preserve bone density and independence with age. Building muscle strength and balance leads to less falls. Some examples of strength workouts include, using resistance bands, pushups, lunges, crunches, squats and lifting weights. 


To find additional exercise activities click here.


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