Wellzesta Launches Signature Focus Group

Posted by Annie Keough on September 13, 2021


Wellzesta launches an innovative Signature Focus Group process to get direct feedback from senior users!

What is a Signature Focus Group?

Wellzesta has chosen an ongoing group of residents that provide constructive and helpful feedback on drawings of potential Wellzesta Life updates. With an initial group of 1-2 participants from each of our client communities, the groups will continue to grow and evolve with new clients.

How Does it Work?

To ensure solid representative feedback, we chose users who are active members of their community and have a “pulse” on the experience with Wellzesta among their community members. Wellzesta worked with community staff and reviewed past resident onboarding participants to find the perfect group. We sent the participants a video of potential product changes and followed up with a digital survey, providing one week for participants to respond. 

Overall, users are very aware of the needs of their fellow community members and are willing to advocate on their behalf!

How Will it Help?

By putting the power of choice into the hands of residents, Wellzesta can test product enhancements in a controlled and trusted setting. Through this process, we are ensuring that new updates will be well-received in our client communities.

Kate Sweeney, a Client Success team member at Wellzesta, reports that “the feedback was extremely insightful” and looks forward to “taking all of [it] into consideration with our next product updates, demonstrating our continued commitment to serving our senior users.”

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