Staying Active During the Winter Months

Posted by Annie Keough on November 2, 2022


During summer, there are countless outdoor activities that you can do to stay active and enjoy the outdoors. When the days get colder and shorter, though, options for activities start to get limited.

Isolation in the winter months targets older adults. Dangerous weather conditions force seniors to stay in their homes and cut them off from visiting family or friends. Isolation combined with the weather can lead to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a form of depression that occurs during the winter months.

It’s easy to stay inactive when the days are shorter and the weather is gloomy, but making time to incorporate exercise - in whatever way feels right to you - can make your days feel a little better. Here are a few ways to stay active during the winter months:

  •      1. Make it fun

If you’re not enjoying your exercise, you’re unlikely to do it every day. Find an activity that you like doing that leaves you feeling energized. Try out some of the suggested activities below.

  •      2. Dancing

Dancing is a fun activity for any time of the year, but it can be a great way to lift your spirit and keep you warm during the winter. It also comes with the added benefit of improved balance, mental health, and bone strength. You can join a group dance event, dance with your partner, or just have fun by yourself and dance to some music in your home.

  •      3. Brisk walks

If you live in a warmer climate that allows you to walk safely in the winter, then bundle up and go for a short one. If it’s icy in your area, consider staying indoors to avoid slipping and falling. Go with a friend or two or even start a walking group to take your mind off of the cold and enjoy the outdoors.

  •      4. Indoor swimming

Swimming is typically associated with the summer and hot days, but those with access to indoor pools can enjoy the benefits year-round. Swimming is easy on the joints and improves cardiovascular health and endurance. This is especially helpful for those who have indoor swimming amenities in their communities. 

  •      5. Hold a community-wide ‘Winter Olympics’

Your community can plan a couple of day-long “Winter Olympic” styled events that residents can participate in. The event can include curling, board games, shuffleboard, cornhole, or any other ideas residents can think of that would make them interested and excited!


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