Why You Should Tell Your Story

Posted by Annie Keough on August 22, 2022


Stories have a long history of keeping people and culture alive. It’s a way to pass down knowledge, lessons, and information from generation to generation. Senior living communities are filled with diverse people who’ve lived different lives and have distinct wisdom to impart to others.

When seniors share their history they can inspire future generations. But, storytelling can have greater benefits than just the transfer of knowledge. Here are some additional benefits of sharing your story:

Sharing stories improves cognition. It is mentally stimulating to seniors and preserves and improves their memories. Regularly sharing past experiences enhances memory recall and can slow the process of memory loss

Solo storytelling can also reap the same cognitive benefits, and all the senior needs is an audio-recording device or video camera to record themselves telling their story. Solo sharing can be a comfortable way to express your experiences more personally but still allows you to share them with those you love.

Deepens connections and increases empathy. Grandparents sharing stories with their grandchildren can give insight into who they were at their age, deepening their understanding of each other. Stories can also bring to life those that others never got to know. When a grandparent tells their grandchild about their own parents and their stories, those kids learn about a generation they never knew. It can be cathartic for seniors to reminisce, too.

Increases social connection. Gathering friends or family to share life stories can be a positive way to socialize with those you love. Joining a group dedicated to sharing stories can also be a meaningful way to make new connections and relationships. 

Some senior living organizations partner with elementary, middle, or high schools to offer seniors the opportunity to share wisdom and experiences with young people.

Sharing helps caregivers. Seniors sharing their stories with senior living staff can also strengthen the caregiver-resident bond by easing caregiver burnout. Getting to know their residents also makes it easier for staff to adapt to the resident’s needs and give greater quality care.

Check out this list of questions to ask someone that will spark conversation and increase connection.


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