Controlling What We Can

Posted by Annie Keough on December 14, 2022


We are taught that having control over every aspect of our lives is a commendable feat, but how much control do we have? The past few years helped answer that question: very little. There are some things we simply cannot predict or have power over. This is in no way, however, a reflection of our achievement. 

Losing control is scary, but it doesn’t mean that we’re completely helpless. We just have to control what we can control.

Control what you can control

There are plenty of things we can't control in our lives, but solely focusing on those specific things is enough to drive you mad. Spiraling in those thoughts can cause anxiety, feelings of depression, and hopelessness, but there is a way to clear your head. 

Learning to focus your energy on the things that matter is a practice that takes time but can result in a more peaceful conscience and a regained sense of control over what we are able. Here are a few things that we can exercise our control over:

     Mindfulness. To first prioritize what we can control, we have to figure out what matters to us. Practicing mindfulness can make you more self-aware, present, and engaged in your surroundings. It can help you stay in tune with who you are and what you want. Once you figure out what matters to you, it’s easier to identify the aspects that you have control over.

     How we treat others. Controlling how others treat you is nearly impossible, but you can control how you treat others. Being kind to other people doesn’t just have an effect on them, it positively affects the person offering kindness, too. Your kind action/words can decrease your stress, anxiety and depression, improve overall happiness, and help you regain control on a seemingly small level.

     Healthy lifestyles. You control how you use your body and what goes into it. A self-disciplined healthy diet and exercise regime is a common way of gaining a sense of control. You decide what time of day you’re going to exercise, how much exercise you are going to do, when you are going to stop, and how you’re going to fuel your body to prepare for more. You can also control what time you go to sleep, all of which makes for a healthier lifestyle and involves setting goals and achieving them of your own free will.


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