Wellzesta Single Sign On (SSO) enables user integrations

Posted by John M. Robinson MD, PhD on February 15, 2024

At Wellzesta, we receive many requests for integrations. The term "integration" means different things to different people. Often, what a client seeks is an integrated experience for their residents. Specifically, the end user's movement between Wellzesta Life and the integrated software should be frictionless.

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Topics: Senior Living Wellbeing Resident Engagement Engineering IT integrations

Wellzesta Life for Aging in Place

Posted by John M. Robinson MD, PhD on January 9, 2024


Feature Toggles allow Wellzesta Life to serve the aging-in-place market.

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How Wellzesta Actions deliver AI

Posted by John M. Robinson MD, PhD on January 3, 2024


This is the first article in a series on how Wellzesta incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) in our products and services.

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Topics: artificial intelligence Engineering IT