Five Zoom-Friendly Events Your Residents Won’t Want to Miss

Posted by Annie Keough on April 19, 2021

A year of virtual operations and isolation has required senior living communities to get creative with ways to engage their residents

Generating fresh new ideas isn’t always easy, especially when you’re wearing multiple hats, so here are a few events you may not have tried yet:

Mental Health Best Practices

Give your residents a safe space to open up about their troubles and offer advice on how to alleviate it. Practicing healthy coping mechanisms and exploring new ways to stay connected in the present moment are integral to maintaining a healthy mind. Best practices can include mindfulness exercises, meditation, or wellness assessments and goal setting.

Cultural Dance Class

Dancing is a fun and productive way of expressing yourself while reaping the multiple health benefits. Dancing can improve muscle function, balance, and flexibility in older adults, reducing the risk of falls. 

Consider organizing a cultural dance class that includes a history lesson of where the style of dance originated. By combining the active aspect of dancing and the intellectual stimulation of learning about where the dance comes from, residents will be able to enjoy both physical and mental incentives. Some examples can include zumba, salsa dancing, or hopak.

Cooking Class

Cooking has been shown to decrease anxiety and gives a sense of accomplishment to those who participate. Let residents enjoy an exciting cooking class and give them the chance to socialize and swap their favorite recipes at the end. See if your culinary team can participate - and ask the marketing team if they would like to host the event to include prospective residents.

Learning a New Language Class

It is never too late to learn a new language. In fact, older adults who learn a new language show improved neuroplasticity and cognition. It also gives you the chance to learn about a new culture and interact with people you never would have been able to before. Enhance this experience by having a drawing, so a participant can win a language learning app. Here’s a list of the Top 10 Language Apps for 2021.

Bring Your Family to Zoom Day

Disconnection between loved ones has been an unfortunate side effect this past year. Set up a Zoom event between multiple residents and their families and give them the chance to introduce the people they love to the people in their community. Include grandchildren, children, pets, and friends.

Volunteer Virtually

Although residents may not be able to volunteer in person, they are still able to help. AARP has collected a list of virtual volunteer opportunities that fit the qualifications and personality of the volunteer.

Explore the Different Types of Yoga

There are thousands of unique types of yoga in the world, why not explore them? The most recommended yoga practices for seniors include restorative, vinyasa, and ashtanga, to name a few.

Introduction Into Tea

With more than 5,000 years worth of history attached, the abundant knowledge of tea seems to be never-ending.Teach your residents about the traditional versus more recent methods of the tea making process and what the different types of tea can do for your body.

How to Invest Your Money

Whether you're interested in investing $1 or $1,000, it is important to know the best process of how to invest your money. Explore why investing has become so widely accessible and how to invest wisely. To get started, read up on how investing $1 a day for 50 years could save you enough money for retirement.

Virtual “Concert” 

Enjoying the sounds of an orchestra in the comfort of your own home can be an exhilarating experience. Allow your residents to connect through their favorite orchestra or band and let them stream performances together.

Here are some more general (but no less fun) Zoom-friendly events:

  • Book club - add a unique twist with acting out characters
  • Guided virtual tours - it could be Paris or even a garden on your campus
  • Happy hour - be sure to include some snacks and cool, non-alcoholic beverages too (here’s a list of 22 non-alcoholic drinks)
  • Personality tests - everyone enjoys learning more about themselves (and their friends)
  • How to start your own garden

The most important thing in facilitating these virtual events is keeping your residents connected and happy. No matter which event or activity you choose for your community, it is sure to help.

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